About HWA Wildlife Consulting

HWA Wildlife Consulting, LLC (previously Hayden-Wing Associates), is a natural resources consulting firm based in Laramie, Wyoming.  Founded in 1980, HWA provides rapid, data-driven solutions to natural resource issues faced by business, wildlife and land management agencies, and private organizations.

We apply cutting-edge methods, tools, and technology to provide services and products that are cost-effective, timely, and reliable.  Specific areas of expertise include compliance with federal regulations (T&E plant and animal species; migratory bird protection); permitting; sensitive wildlife and plant species; NEPA writing; geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis; habitat delineation and mapping; technical counsel including document review and affidavit preparation; research design and statistical analysis; forest, range, and riparian vegetation assessments; noxious weed surveys and management; reclamation and habitat restoration.

With a dedicated professional staff holding advanced university degrees in various fields of natural resource sciences (wildlife, botany, and range), and an experience base that spans habitats and natural resource issues throughout the U.S., HWA has emerged as a leading provider of regulatory compliance, ecological research, and technical counsel services.