Alex May, Wildlife Biologist

Alex has eight years of experience as a wildlife biology professional. After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Biology from Colorado College in 2008, Alex worked throughout the country and in Alberta and South Africa on numerous wildlife research projects. He is completing his Master’s thesis in the Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit on the nutritional ecology and habitat selection of moose in the Snowy Range—his academic training emphasized quantitative skills and he completed a minor in Statistics. In the field, Alex is experienced in nest searching and monitoring, point counts, occupancy surveys, ungulate classification and recruitment surveys, plant surveys, habitat quality assessments, radio telemetry, tracking, deploying remote cameras, behavioral observations, animal necropsy, and ungulate and carnivore capture and handling. At the computer, Alex uses R and ESRI products to manage data and conduct spatial and statistical analyses—he is especially familiar with remote sensing techniques; linear, logistic, and mixed models; home range estimation; resource and step-selection functions; and machine learning. Alex is a member of The Wildlife Society and enjoys thinking about science and technology, camping, backcountry skiing, reading, and making food.