Geographic Information System (GIS)

HWA provides Geographic Information System (GIS) and  cartography capabilities that feature state-of-the-art technology, experienced  analysts, and skilled editors using industry-leading hardware and software from Trimble®,  Garmin®, Overwatch®, and Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI®).  HWA GIS professionals have extensive experience in design, development, and implementation of spatial  analysis and remote sensing applications. HWA personnel perform a variety of GIS tasks  including geodatabase design, creation, and maintenance; feature creation via Global Positioning Systems (GPS)  collection, heads-up digitizing (HUD), remote sensing image classification, change detection, and  automated feature extraction; geostatistical sampling; feature attribution, editing,  and maintenance; data review and quality assurance; metadata creation, editing,  and maintenance; GPS data differential correction; and spatial modeling and analyses.

HWA operates a Windows Small Business Server™ 2008 with over 6 terabytes of dedicated data disk storage accessed across a high-speed gigabit local network, high-performance Windows 7 Professional™ user workstations, and a printing lab with the capacity to print professional-quality color cartographic output in a variety of sizes up to large-format 42" banner plots.  High-speed cable broadband Internet access allows transfer of large files, remote upload and download of field data, and support of real-time communications including hosting high-quality multiple party video-conferences via web-based applications from our modern conference room facilities.