Habitat Mapping

HWA biologists have mapped hundreds of thousands of acres of habitat associated with:

  • mountain plover
  • greater sage-grouse seasonal use
  • white- and black-tailed prairie dogs
  • wetland delineation
  • oil-shale endemics such as the Dudley Bluffs bladderpod and twinpod

In the field, HWA staff use resource-grade Trimble® GeoXM™ and  JunoSB™ Windows Mobile™-based handheld computers with integrated GPS  receivers and Windows 7 Professional™ tablet computers with external GPS receivers for spatial data capture, attribution, and editing, as well as  navigation.  Mobile devices operate ArcPad™ software with the GPScorrect  extension (when applicable) enabling sub-meter accuracy in addition to  uncorrected standard 1-3 meter GPS accuracy.  In addition, mobile devices run  CyberTracker™ Software to supplement GPS data collection as well as non-spatial  field data collection applications.   HWA has a Trimble® GPS Pathfinder Pro XR™  receiver with the ability to provide real-time sub-meter accuracy and beacon  capabilities.  HWA field staff also carry recreational-grade Garmin®  e-trex™  GPS units as backup for spatial data capture and navigation, and SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger units to ensure staff safety and emergency response when working in remote locations.