Jeff Winstead, Co-owner/Principal Biologist


Jeff has more than 30 years experience as a professional wildlife biologist and range manager in desert, forest, range, cropland, and aquatic ecosystems.  He earned a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Arizona in 1978.  Jeff has extensive experience in the ecology, survey, and analysis of numerous mammal, bird, and herpetafaunal species in the West including threatened, endangered, and special status wildlife such as black-footed ferret, Preble’s meadow jumping mouse, bald eagle, peregrine falcon, grizzly bear, and Mexican spotted owl.  Jeff is a skilled biologist and gifted naturalist with a diverse background.  His areas of specialization include establishment and operation of wildlife baseline field surveys, monitoring studies, and impact assessment projects for oil and gas developments, in-situ and underground uranium, trona, gravel and gold mines, highway construction, wind energy, and abandoned mined land reclamation projects; fixed-wing and helicopter survey work including bald eagle winter roosts, raptor nests, sharp-tailed and greater sage-grouse, big game, Mexican spotted owl habitat, and black-footed ferrets; and identification, evaluation, and delineation of various wildlife habitats including mountain plover, prairie dog colonies, and greater sage-grouse seasonal habitats.  Additional qualifications include certification by USFWS to conduct surveys for black-footed ferrets and Mexican spotted owls, certification for animal capture and chemical immobilization, experience in ground and aerial telemetry, use of GPS/GIS for geo-referencing data, and all phases of the NEPA process.  Jeff has been an owner at HWA since 2006. Before joining HWA as a biologist then owner, Jeff was a firefighter for U.S. forest Service in Arizona.  He worked as a logger in New Mexico and Wyoming, then as a big game hunting guide in the Absaroka Mountains near Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.   Jeff also worked as a carpenter and cabinet maker, he operated heavy construction equipment, and he worked cattle ranches where he implemented the Allan Savery/Stan Parson method of grazing for habitat improvement.  Jeff made headlines in 1984 when he traversed the U.S. Rockies from the Arizona/Mexico border to the Montana/Canada border on horseback.