Peter Foote, Wildlife Biologist


Peter received his B.S. in Environmental Biology from Fort Lewis College. Peter’s past seven years of experience encompassed many western ecosystems, including the Mohave desert, the sagebrush steppe, and the high alpine Rocky Mountain riparian zones. Within these western landscapes, Peter’s primary focus involved management and habitat improvement on public lands. He managed projects that: set the framework for wildlife management for large sections of National Forest; improved habitat for big game in fragile desert ecosystems; designed prescriptions for timber harvest with a focus on improving age class diversity to build resistance to pine beetle infestations and improve Canada lynx breeding habitat. In addition, he designed, conducted, and analyzed presence/absence surveys for threatened and endangered species. Peter is proficient in a variety field techniques including surveying for Mexican meadow jumping mouse, Canada lynx, northern goshawk, humpback chub, long-nosed leopard lizard, desert tortoise, silverspot butterfly, and many others. In his free time, Peter enjoys whitewater rafting, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, fishing, and hunting.