Logan McConnell, Wildlife Biologist/Project Manager


Logan received his B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University.  He joined HWA in 2009.  He has worked in manyregions across the U.S. including the Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Missouri River, Sierra Nevadas, and the Great Plains for academic, federal,  state, and private agencies.  He has experience researching and managing a broad range of species including sensitive plants, spotted owl, northern goshawk, greater sage-grouse, mountain plover, piping plover, least tern, black-footed ferret, pygmy rabbit, and pocket gopher.  Some of his field work experience includes capturing and banding spotted owls, shore birds, and grouse to monitor population numbers, and using radio telemetry todetermine seasonal habitat use of sensitive, threatened, or endangered species.  His other skills includescientific and technical writing (NEPA compliance), sensitive plant surveys, wetland delineation, small mammal capture, nest searching and monitoring,  raptor counts, and habitat mapping for various bird and mammal species.  He has helped develop wildlife management/mitigation plans with operators and agencies and provided wildlife training to clients and contractors on specific project regulations, best management practices, and wildlife awareness. Logan enjoys the outdoors, fly fishing, hunting, and backpacking.