Oil and Gas

For decades, HWA has conducted wildlife baseline surveys, seasonal monitoring, and research activities associated with oil and gas projects throughout the West.   HWA has produced hundreds of documents - compliance reports, permitting information, protection and reclamation plans, published research - as part of our work with the oil and gas industry.  Our work supporting oil and gas exploration and development routinely includes:

  • clearance surveys for T&E species 
  • grouse lek surveys and counts
  • mountain plover habitat mapping and presence surveys
  • raptor nest activity and production surveys
  • bald eagle winter roost monitoring
  • occupancy dynamics of pygmy rabbits
  • BAs/BEs
  • DDCT analysis for proposed development within sage-grouse  core areas
  • prairie dog colony mapping 
  • noise monitoring at sage-grouse leks
  • compliance reporting
  • avian protection plans
  • reclamation plans