These days, nearly every discussion about management of natural resources in the Intermountain West involves sage-grouse in one way or another.  HWA has emerged as a leader in sage-grouse research and monitoring.  A few highlights of our work on issues surrounding sage-grouse include:

  • decades of experience conducting counts at hundreds of leks across the West
  • permitted to capture and mark sage-grouse
  • collection, management, and analysis of hundreds of thousands of GPS locations of sage-grouse across Wyoming
  • authored numerous peer-reviewed research publications on sage-grouse management and conservation
  • provide technical counsel/committee service on issues related to habitat conservation and the interaction between sage-grouse and human activity
  • discovery of 9 previously-unknown leks in Wyoming
  • noise monitoring with high quality type 1 sound level meters
  • utilize the Density Disturbance Calculation Tool (DDCT) for projects within core areas in Wyoming