To us, success is striking a balance between facilitating the interests of our clients in the near-term, and sustaining positive relationships among stakeholders as well as conserving wildlife and their habitat in the long-term.  To this end, HWA biologists are not advocates.  Advocacy in any capacity is inconsistent with objective interpretation of scientific data.  Rather, the consultancy we provide is solution-driven and, as such, considers valid points from all stakeholders.  HWA solutions for success include science-based information that can be applied in infrastructure siting decisions, in the advancement of the scientific basis of land management policy, and general decision support.  Other solutions involve our spatial-analytical and cartographic capabilities.  HWA routinely develops high-resolution, data-driven maps that show specifically how and where our clients might conduct a proposed action while minimizing modification of places that are important to wildlife and plants.  In this capacity, HWA solutions for success also function in public relations.  Contact us to learn more.