HWA is an issues-oriented research group with a focus on providing products that are readily amenable to application by our clients and the managing agencies in industrial siting, habitat protection, decision support, and other issues related to sustainable landscape management.  HWA biologists know how to design research in a way that provides answers to sustainability problems, how to apply the latest methods and statistical tools, and how to present results in both scientific and non-scientific terms.  Since the inception of our research branch in 2008, HWA biologists have presented and published their work widely.  Representative projects include:

  • control-impact study of pygmy rabbit occupancy dynamics in an area undergoing energy development
  • severe-winter habitat for sage-grouse
  • interaction between ravens and sage-grouse
  • elk response to energy development
  • range-wide occurrence and abundance of the dunes sagebrush lizard
  • conservation of seasonal habitat for sage-grouse
  • winter occurrence patterns among mule deer before wind energy development